March in Bacsalmas on 27th of August

Bacsalmas city government partner in an international project, starting from Italy, through the Romanian, Bascalmas, Slovenian, the crossroads of an Italian community in europe and joining them to the european union runners and calling attention to the health of the runner. More info at:

We look forward to the march, we have planned 4 routes of different lengths: 1km, 3km, 7km, 18km

Download Flyer pdf

Click here for more detail, tracks and pre-registration form.

Project web site: Click here

Facebook event: Click here

This is the shortest route.

This is the route for anyone who is able to exercise for at least a quarter of an hour.

This is the route for anyone who has experience. Leaving the athletic 400m, approaching nature, but leaving the security of the infrastructure (stable / flat / step-safe asphalt), we create an opportunity for running evolution into the nature.

waiting for routine, experienced runners ... who have already reached the half marathon and have the courage to step off the asphalt: in prone grass, hiding between drooping branches, catching their feet from their roots, sinking in the dust, luckily rabbits and rabbits running alongside wild boars, or always doing this ...

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