March in Gazzo on 31st of August

On August 31 we have the final run event of the Run4eu project. The running march will be held in Gazzo, in which all the delegations of international partners will participate, as well as all those who wish to participate. Registrations will be between 16.00 and 17.00. People can start walking / running freely from the starting point. The official departure of runners and walkers is scheduled at 17.oo. There are three routes with a length slightly higher than reported in the flyer and will be 3 km, 9 km and 19 km. There are four refreshment points in addition to the final refreshment point at the point of arrival.


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This is the shortest route is almost completely on city street. A part is rural but does not present particular difficulties. Along the way there is a refreshment of drinks only in addition to the refreshment point at the point of arrival. You will see some of the buildings of historical interest of the municipality, you will start from the sports facilities in the area behind the Town Hall, to pass in front of the church of Gazzo. After a part of the country road you will return to the main road, after the refreshment you will pass in front of the elementary schools of Gazzo (historical building), to then complete the route passing in front of the Mulino Sandini and then return to the area of ​​the sports facilities where it is planned the arrival.

This is the medium-length route is a mixed city and country course. It presents a moderate difficulty linked only to the length, the path is flat. Along the route there are two refreshment points, the first of only drinks in common with the short route, while the second will be located in common with the long route located along Via Ceresone. You will cross part of the municipal territory, you will pass near a land used during the Second World War as an airfield also used by Francesco Baracca. We will pass in front of the elementary school of the fraction of Gazzo (historical building) and then also reach the resurgence called Fontanon del Diavolo (around which an old legend hangs).

This is the longest and most challenging route. It is half on city and half on rural way. It turns out to be challenging for the length of the same and is therefore suitable for people already trained and accustomed to these lengths. Along the course there are 4 refreshment points, the first in via S. Giuseppe, the second in the pizzeria alle Macine, the third in the trattoria La Prateria, the fourth in via Ceresone in common with the average route, in addition to the final refreshment. This route allows you to cross all the villages of the Municipality of Gazzo. You will cross fields and rice paddies, you will touch important points of interest of the territory such as the old mill now pizzeria alle Macine, the Old Church in Grossa in the middle of the countryside, you will cover part of the bank of the Ceresone River, up to the resurgence called Fontanon del Diavolo (around which an old legend hangs).

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