ASD Amici del Brenta

The ASD Amici del Brenta is a grassroot sport club in Piazzola sul Brenta, a city near Gazzo. The club has about 70 members, 15 of them volunteer as managers and organizers of running events in the cities where they are active. They are members of Marcia Padova and FIASP Padova, two large regional and national networks of grassroot clubs that coordinate, train and promote volunteering and sport practice at local level. ASD Amici del Brenta has other partners, the ASD Piè Veloce in Curtarolo, Gruppo Podistico Gazzo, Limena Runners. Together they have established the Brenta Runners, a joint organisation of 300 hundred members that enjoy practicing sport along the banks of the River Brenta. Altogether, about 1000 people are members of running clubs in this area north of Padova.
Along with Gazzo, it is a partner of Rete Donna, a desk of social workers dealing with equal opportunities issues at the local governments level. The statute states that Amici del Brenta is an amateur sport club contributing to the dissemination of the sport practice advocating the values of democracy and solidarity, favoring the run and running events at city and school level, as well as the organisation of meetings, educational travels, survey and training in the sport sector.
The ASD Amici del Brenta organises regularly runs for all on Thursdays. Throughout the year 50 to 100 people join the weekly appointment. Every year, along with the Brenta Runners it organises the Marcia del Tavello that is sponsored by two private enterprises and the local authorities. Amici del Brenta works together with other two grassroot clubs, Piè veloce Curtarolo, Gruppo podistico Gazzo and Limena Runners. The Marcia del Tavello expresses the social engagement of the runners toward the fight to violence against women and is the outcome of the partnership with the Rete Donna desk. It takes place on the International Day of Violence against Women to raise funds, create awareness against violence and also to promote the HEPA guidelines. Donations have funded the no profit association Casa Priscilla Onlus that keeps a shelter for abused women and children. Every year about 2000 people join this run offering three different lengths for different training levels. Since 2003 the club has organised an run for all citizens with 7/13/20 kms routes in the wilderness offering an opportunity to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage in this area rich of waterways and historical monuments. About 50 people donate voluntarily their time and resources. It is the work of the volunteers from the scout groups, the civil protection, the retired carabinieri, the proloco that make the runs possible.
As a member of two major networks, the ASD Amici del Brenta is connected to other grassroot clubs to help and exchange volunteers at other events province wide.