Bacsalmas (Hungary)

Bácsalmás is a city of 7019 people in the Bács-Kiskun county in Hungary. It is also the capital city of a district of 10 other cities with 20.844 inhabitants and one of the most disadvantaged Hungarian subregions belonging to the national comprehensive developing program.
It is very important for a city of Bácsalmás to be healthy, sporty citizens. To this end, the leadership of the city promotes the support of sportclubs and grassroot sport facilities. The City is very keen on promoting the European citizenship. Only in 2017, the City joined three projects in the Province of Padova :
a Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project named Healthy Youth in Europe about healthy habits and the fight against addictions (gambling, smoke, drugs) with a focus on the sport practice, for young people aged 17 to 20 attending the high school of Bacsalmas
a Europe for Citizens project with the City of Gazzo and Mioveni, and Greece and Bulgaria on the topic of equal opportunities, the abatement of discrimination and the fight against abuse to women.
A Europe for Citizens project with the City of Grantorto and Odoreiu Secuiesc about the citizens participation for the empowerment of young citizens. Particular attention was given to the establishment of the youth city councils and a model was put into practice.
In Bácsalmás approximately 750 people do sport regularly in sport clubs. These sports are: football (170 people), handball (280 people), swimming (50 people), running (30 people), budybulding (15 people), tabletennis (6 people), kyokushin karate (30 people), judo (70 people), spinraicing (30 people), airsoft (20 people), gymstick (30people), athletics (30 people), gymnastics (30 people). There are footballers, and handballerss who have achieved high sporting achievements in Hungary and started their sport career in Bácsalmás.
The conditions for competition and hobby sports are provided : live grass center court, sport hall,  athletics track. The aim of the leadership of Bácsalmás is to make in the near future an outdoor condipark with sports equipments.
Every year Bácsalmás joins to the nation volunteer running event, so called „Countryrun”: on a given day volunteers asked for run for Hungary. The completed distances are merged. The goal is to run as many times as possible the Hungarian border length.
Bácsalmás city usually organizes grassroot “sport selection” city events, where citizens can sport together, try the sport facilities and get know the sport clubs at one place. Visitors regardless of age can sport together all day. The event host is always a famous athlete in Hungary.
Beside the sport selection event, Bácsalmás organizes sport day for her institutions. Staff of 30 institution in Bácsalmás asked to attend on a one-day sport event, where the employees of institutions as groups can compete with each other. They can take part in group sport competitions. The goal is to alert the office workers to the importance of healthy life and sport.
Bácsalmás city regularly participates in cross-border sports events in Serbia with the best athletes of its teams.