Gazzo (Italy)

Gazzo is a City of around 4.500 people near Padova, in North-east Italy, on the border with the provinces of Padua and Vicenza and is characterized by a strong youth dispersion at the end of the compulsory school courses. Young people, after 15 years, develop their interests in the urban centers of Vicenza, Padua and Cittadella, where there are the main higher education poles.
In order to contrast this dispersion of young people, the Municipality has always promoted cultural and sporting policies aimed at bringing young people together in the various active organizations, which play a fundamental role both for youth growth and for the promotion of well-being for adults and the elderly.
In Gazzo There are 6 sport associations and 700 members in total:
ASD calcio Gazzo for football, GS Gazzo for volley, ASD Quinto Miglio Basket, GC Gazzo for cycling, Gruppo podistico Gazzo ,(Walking Group into the Pro loco, affiliated to Fiasp) and Nordic Walking Gazzo.
Around 600 people are involved in the activities of sports associations. There are also several other sports activities of gymnastics (zumba, hip hop, biodanza, yoga, fit & emotion, posture and keep fit).
The City and the Associations of Gazzo also collaborate with the nearby Municipalities and join in the various initiatives proposed in the Alta Padovana, in particular in the neighbouring towns of Piazzola sul Brenta and Grantorto, where there are other sports, as Run, Karate and Hockey.
The City of Gazzo is a member of the NGO ALDA which offers training and update information about EU programmes to the city officers.
The City of Gazzo organizes numerous sports activities and various tournaments, including one of football (Franco and Emilio Memorial) and one of volley (Alex and Francesco Tournament). Italso hosts the national female volleyball “challenge Town of Torri”.
The City and the Walking Group of Gazzo organize two events in May :
The Walking-March “Paths and Tastes Through Gazzo” and the “Roses Walking-March”, connected to the regional project “Green Tour”. Both events are illustrated in the Fiasp calendar and in two popular Festivals (Seed Rice festival and Roses festival). More than 1000 people participate in every march.
The nordic Walking Group of Gazzo organizes every week walks along the paths of the village.
For Elderly, the City propose activities in thermal pools and gymnastic of keep fit.