Ivancna Gorica (Slovenia)

The City of Ivancna Gorica is a municipality in central Slovenia. It is part of the traditional region of Lower Carniola. It extends over 227 km2 and it has more than 17.000 inhabitants. The range of duties and functions performed by it include independently determined local matters affecting its people, and includes, among other matters, protection environment, of the natural and cultural heritage. The municipality pays special attention to the sport, culture, tourism, entrepreneurship, international relations, health, education and sustainable development policies. It is a city reach of history and natural heritage not far from the capital Lubiana. It is accredited as hosting organisation for the voluntary service within the Erasmus+ programme.
Ivan?na Gorica is a member of ALDA - The European Association of Local Democracy which has given to the city the possibility to create strong relationships with several authorities and civil society organisations across the EU. Thanks to the structural funds the city has erected a branch school gym. Other structural funds projects were related to the reconstruction of a kindergarten, and integrated transport strategy, energy renovation of public buildings.
The City of Ivan?na Gorica has over 40 sport grassroot clubs which involve over 2.369 members. Only professional staff is covered by the costs so the rest of the members of the clubs perform an unrivaled number of volunteer hours in the preparation and implementation of sports activities.
Approximately thirty active sports clubs are invited to submit an invitation to tender, prepared on the basis of the Rules on evaluation and co-financing of sports programs by the Municipality of Ivan?na Gorica.
Throughout the year, these sports clubs organize many recreational and competitive sports events involving a large share of residents. In the framework of the annual sports program, Ivan?na Gorica clubs provide sport programs, organize sporting events and competitions, train sports professionals and implement quality and top quality sports programs. The City focuses especially on young people in the following areas: interest-based sports education of pre-school and school-age children, youth and interest-based sports education for children and youth oriented towards quality and top sport, sports education for children and youth with special needs, sports activity of students, sports recreation and quality sport. It supports development and professional tasks or activities in sport, such as training, upgrading and training of professional staff in sports, investment and maintenance of public sports facilities, bigger sporting events, the functioning of sports associations in the Ivan?na Gorica area, which is the task of combining associations and implementation of the Joint Program for Children and Youth.

Link: http://www.ivancna-gorica.si/Obcina-Ivancna-Gorica/