Mioveni (Romania)

The City of Mioveni is a city of 34000 inhabitants located in the Arges County, Romania. It is a very well industrialized city due to Dacia Renault Company which produces more than 400.000 cars per year and which assures 4% of the GDP of the country. It is also one of the greatest exporters of Romania. Other smaller firms developed near the great company assure material, spare parts, packing, transport or other services for it. Local Public Administration in Mioveni provides for its citizens a good infrastructure and good services in any field: streets, lightening, environment, sewage, water, green spaces, health, sport, culture, education, social, youth and public safety. Among the objectives of the municipality are those of assuring high quality services for its citizens, to develop a sustainable infrastructure and to extend its European and international cooperation relationship. For its efforts in promoting European values and European ideas, Mioveni received in 2012 The European Diploma and in 2013 The Flag of Honor conferred by the Council of Europe. It has a lot of partnerships and twinnings with different cities in France, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Portugal and Moldovia managing to implement in partnership many projects with European financing. Mioveni and Gazzo are going to sign a twinning agreement in 2018. Being a member of ALDA - The European Association of Local Democracy - Mioveni has the opportunity to implement great projects realized in an extended partnership with 16 countries.
Mioveni municipality assures for its inhabitants, among other services, great support for sport activities and a good infrastructure. The stadium has 10000 sits and a high performance night installation.
Mioveni municipality support sports and sport NGO’s activities launching every year financing programmes for sport activities.
Subordinate institutions are: Sports Club Mioveni, SC Urban Services For Community Mioveni, Center for Support of people in Difficulty, Local Police, Emergency Volunteer Service, library, French Library and Cultural centre.
Every year Mioveni organizes events for youth from 7 to 19 which is attended by an average of 200 people: the cross competition on 1st of May, the chess competition, the Volley/cross/chess/basketball games in June, the football tournament exchange with the City of Magdacesti in Moldavia in June/August, the swimming lessons for adults and kids between June and August.
The City budget finances the Mioveni grassroot sport clubs that implement sport projects through an annual call for the Financing programme for Sport Activities. All sport clubs participate and obtain a share of the budget for their activities. There are 5 sport clubs LTCM (that is actually the club of the Technological High School), Club Sportiv Mioveni, Club Sportiv Dacia Mioveni 2012, Club Sportiv Darts Mioveni and Asociatia Sportiva Colibasi.
These are their main activities:
Club Sportiv Dacia Mioveni 2012
March, june and July – swimming contests
Volei, handball, swimming, karate, oina, field tennis, chess games
Handball, volley,Oina, tennis, karate, swimming, chess
Clubul Sportiv Mioveni – football, table tennis, box, judo
LTCM - volley, handball, handball, tennis

Link: https://emioveni.ro/